Volxvergadering 10-08-2013 English version

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Occupy Antwerp meeting of the 10th of August 2013 : a report

About 10 people are present

Several opinions:

  • often said: each week an action like we were doing has to continue, each saturday afternoon, the legal possibilities seem to also be present for that for the next 2 months

  • someone said: what we do is not only the saturday things, saturday actions are less important, some other people agreed

  • we had a phase of big visibility during almost 2 years and have a clear image now but someone thinks other media/ways are also good, visibility is not always that important for this person

  • the idea has to be alive, but is visibility always that important?

  • someone says the newspapers at actions “on the floor” have to continue, getting more people active in Occupy too

  • but not everyone thinks these newspapers are that much important, everyone has to do what he or she wants to do in Occupy, a bit that idea

  • another opinion is that 3 things are important: enlightenment, teachings can be about many paths and also community, which is about doing things together

  • not everyone thinks that enough is happening saturday afternoons. this can lead to differing views about what to do with it

  • Occupy is a large unorganized movement and a network, someone says it has to stay that way and that it has to stay a grassroots movement, so it does not have to become an organization because that would be wrong, it has to continue with movement groups doing small, easy and cheap things

  • things that seem to be seen as important by people in the meeting: originality, visibility, diversity, continuity, cheap actions

  • someone wants to start with a petition against parking lots in Antwerp because the actions should also be more about local things again. it is not so clear how to do this or what to do with this because it can also be close to present party politics

  • there probably are about 40 Occupy t-shirts left, there is room now for other t-shirts which can be made in a different way. for example: not all the same prints

  • a newbanner can be made with general info about Occupy Antwerp on it and then we need less flyers

  • we still have many books left and a small Occupy group wants to go and put them in the “Chaletters boxes” and film this, this way they are distributed for free at several locations in the city

  • it’s always good if people can come to the Plansje cafe on saturdays to gather material for the action there, always at 13h30

What about Occupy Antwerp and the internet? We don’t always want to continue being much active on the internet, this is less important for us. Good ideas and information is always welcome but we should see to it that it really is good information. There already is an information boom now in society so…

We still have a webmaster and this person will to have put this report here on the web, it will also be translated into Dutch.

Our information on the web for everyone to see is mainly at the facebook page of Occupy Antwerp and at occupyantwerp.be