Syria: Friday Demo 06/06/14

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Freedom, Human Rights, Rule of Law: The Goals and Guiding Principles of the Islamic Front and Its Allies

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These protests have taken place in cities and villages across Syria after Friday prayers on every Friday without exception since the revolution began on March 15, 2011.
They are the pulse of the struggle, the voice of the formerly voiceless, a chronicle of each twist and turn their struggle for freedom has taken.
Anywhere between 14,000 and 30,000 people vote democratically for their preferred slogans.

According to Wael Tamimi, a Syrian journalist with the BBC’s Arabic Service:

“In the earlier days or month[s] of the uprising, the name was chosen by the admins of the Syrian Revolution page on Facebook, so the people did not used to vote on the name of the Friday. But actually, they complained to the admin. They told him, ‘We want a democratic Syria, so you have to give us a chance to vote for the name of the Friday.’ And actually, the admins of these pages responded positively.”

De naam van de vrijdag Demo 06/06/14:


Deze protesten vonden en vinden nog steeds plaats in heel Syrie, in elke stad en in elk dorp, elke vrijdag na het vrijdaggebed en dit zonder uitzondering sinds het begin van de revolutie op 15 maart 2011.

Zij zijn de pols van de strijd, de stem van de vroegere stemlozen, een kroniek van elke draai en kronkel die hun strijd voor vrijheid heeft genomen.
Elke week stemmen tussen de 14.000 en 30.000 mensen op democratische wijze voor hun favoriete slogans.

Volgens Wael Tamimi, een Syrische journalist bij de BBC Arabic Service:

“In de eerste dagen of zelfs maanden van de opstand werd de naam door de admins van de Facebook pagina “Syrische Revolutie” gekozen. Dus het volk koos eerst niet voor de naam, maar de mensen bekloegen zich bij de admin. Zij zeiden tegen hem: ‘wij wensen een democratisch Syrië dus moet je ons een kans geven om te stemmen voor die wekelijkse naam’, en de admins van die pagina reageerden zowaar positief.”


Αυτές οι διαμαρτηρίες έγιναν σε πόλεις και χωριά στη Συρία, μετά τη προσευχή της Παρασκευής, κάθε Παρασκευή χωρίς εξαιρέσεις από τότε που ξεκίνησε η επανάσταση στις 15 Μαρτίου 2011.

Είναι ο παλμός του αγώνα, η φωνή των πρώην άφωνων, ένα χρονικό της κάθε αλλαγής τους αγώνα για ελευθερία.
Γύρω στους 14.000 με 30.000 άνρθωποι ψηφίζουν δημοκρατικά για τα συνθήματα που προτιμούν.

Σύμφωνα με τον Wael Tamimi, ένα Σύριος δημοσιογράφος με την αραβική υπηρεσία του BBC:
“Τις πρώτες μέρες της εξέγερσης, το όνομα αποφασίστηκε από τους διαχειρηστές της σελίδας στο Facebook Syrian Revolution, οπότε οι άνθρωποι δεν ψήφισαν για όνομα της Παρασκευής. Όμως έκφρασαν το παράπονο τους στους διαχειρηστες. Τους είπαν “Θέλουμε μια δημοκρατική Συρία, οπότε πρέπει να μας δώσεις το δικαίωμα να ψηφίσουμε για το όνομα”. Οι διαχειρηστές της σελίδας απάντησαν θετικά.”

The names of all the Friday protests:
169 “Farce Over a Sea Of Blood” 06/06/14
168 “Daraa: The Door of the Coming Victory” 05/30/14
167 “he Revolutionary Charter of Honor Represents Us” 05/23/14
166 “Blood Elections” 05/16/14
165 “Allah is our Support…there is NO Support for them” 05/09/14
164 “The Coast Front…Steadfastness and Perseverance” 05/02/14
163 “Cleansing Raqqah from Al-Baghdadi’s Gang” 04/25/14
162 “#SaveHoms. Before it is Annihilated” 04/18/14
161 “Save Aleppo. Because we deserve Freedom and Life” 04/11/14
160 “Completing the Coast Victories” 04/04/14
159 “The Horn for the Liberation of the Coast” 03/28/14
158 “Toppling the Coalition’s President” 03/21/14
157 “It’s a popular Revolution, NOT a Civil War” 03/14/14
156 “Aleppo is calling: Answer the Appeal” 03/07/2014
155 “Hezbollah: Criminals of Iran in Syria and Lebanon” 02/28/14
154 “The Solution is To Open The Coast Front” 02/21/14
153 “Russia: A Partner in Crime and not a Mediator for Peace” 02/14/14
152 “Car Bombs and TNT Bombs Are Killing Our Children” 02/07/14
151 “Break Siege: Let the Besieged people Out” 01/31/14
150 “11,000 War Crimes” 01/24/14
149 “Starved to Death: Palestinians and Syrians” 01/17/14
148 “Bashar’s Gang-Our First Enemy” 01/10/14
147 “The Martyr Abu Rayyan-Victim of Betrayal” 01/03/14
146 “Death Barrels with International License” 12/27/13
145 “Anger for Aleppo” 12/20/13
144 “Transfer the war to areas controlled by the forces of Assad” 12/13/13
143 “Break The Siege” 12/06/13
142 “The Hand of God is with the Unity” 11/29/13
141 “The blood of the martyrs unites us” 11/22/13
140 “Go forth, wether light or heavy” 11/15/13
139 “NO to the Iranian Occupation of Syria” 11/08/13
138 “The Blockade is a Genocide that continues” 11/01/13
137 “The Solution is in The Hague, NOT in Geneva” 25/10/13
136 “Save Muadhamiya and Southern Damascus” 18/10/13
135 “Our Arms to the Front Lines, Not the Liberated Areas” 11/10/13
134 “Thank You, Turkey” 4/10/13
133 “Prisoners as Pure as Jasmine”
[referring to women held in regime prisons] 27/9/13
132 “Only Syrians Will Free Syria” 20/9/13
131 “The Murderer Is Under
the International Community’s Protection” 13/9/13
130 “Not Only with Chemical Weapons
Does Assad Kill Our Children” 6/9/13
129 “Friday of Victory Is Only From Allah” 30/8/13
128 “The Terrorist Bashar Kills Civilians with
Chemical Weapons While the World Watches” 23/8/13
127 “Supporting the Coast Rebels” 16/8/13
126 “The Champions of the Coast Are Coming” 9/8/13
125 “If Allah Gives You Victory Then No One Can Defeat You” 2/8/13
124 “The Sword of Allah” 26/7/13
123 “Ramadan: Month of Victory” 19/7/13
122 “Until We Change Ourselves 12/7/13
121 “Be Aware and Wake Up, Oh Brigades 5/7/13
120 “On Fire Revolution and Debilitating Opposition” 28/6/13
119 “Friday of Victory In Deeds, Not Words” 21/6/13
118 “Safavid [Persian] Project: a Threat to the Nation” 14/6/13
117 “Ghouta and Qusayr … A Will That Won’t Break” 7/6/13
116 “The Ideals of the Revolution Are Our Red Lines” 31/5/13
115 “Charlatan Resistance — Jerusalem Is Not in Homs”
[a message directed at Hezbollah] 24/5/13
114 “The Independence of the Syrian Decision” 17/5/13
113 “Banyas: Ethnic Cleansing and International Complicity” 10/5/13
112 “Syrians Are Being Killed with Your “Red Lines” “ 3/5/13
111 “Protection of the Majority” 26/4/13
110 “Iran and Hezbollah, You Will be Defeated Along With Assad” 19/4/13
109 “Syria is Stronger Than Those Who Would Divide It” 12/4/13
108 “Refugees With Honor and Dignity” 5/4/13
107 “Giving Glad Tidings to Those Who are Patient” 29/3/13
106 “Your Chemical Weapons Will Not Halt
Our Progress Towards Freedom” 22/3/13
105 “Two Years of Struggle and Our Revolution’s Victory is Near” 15/3/13
104 “There will be No Sectarian State in Syria” 8/3/13
103 “One Nation. One Flag. One Fight.” 22/2/13
102 “Proud Al-Raqqa on the Road to Freedom” 22/2/13
101 “Allah is Sufficient as a Supporter” 15/2/13
100 “Remain United” 8/2/13
99 “The International Community Are Partners in the Massacre” 1/2/13
98 “Our Leader Forever Prophet Mohammad” 25/1/13
97 “Revolution Aleppo University: Engineering Martyrdom” 18/1/13
96 “Refugee Camps of Death” 11/1/13
95 “Homs Calls on the Free to Stop the Siege” 4/1/13
94 “Bread and Blood” 28/12/12
93 “Victory is Written on the Gates of Aleppo” 21/12/12
92 “There Is No Terrorism in Syria Except that of Assad 14/12/12
91 “No to Peacekeeping Forces in Syria” 7/12/12
90 “Damascus’s Suburbs’ Victory Sign Shall Be
Over the Presidential Palace” 30/11/12
89 “The Time of Victory is Near” 23/11/12
88 “In Support of the National Coalition” 16/11/12
87 “It’s Time to March to Damascus” 9/11/12
86 “Daraya Brothers in Grapes and Blood,
Towards International Justice” 2/11/12
85 “Allah is Greater, Revolution Till Victory” 26/10/12
84 “America, Your Suspicious Silence is Killing Us” 19/10/12
83 “The Free Alawites Produce Victory” 12/10/12
82 “We Want Weapons, not Statements” 5/10/12
81 “Unifying the Free Syrian Army” 28/9/12
80 “Those Who the Prophet Loves
Are Being Massacred in Syria” 21/9/12
79 “Idlib Bringing Down Planes and Symbolizing Victory” 14/9/12
78 “Homs Under Siege Is Calling You” 7/9/12
77 “Loyalty to Tripoli and the Free Lebanese” 31/8/12
76 “Daraa Don’t Be Sad, Allah Is with Us” 24/8/12
75 “Victory With United Free Army” 17/8/12
74 “Arm Us With Anti-Aircraft Weapons 10/8/12
73 “Deir Ezzor Victory Coming from the East” 3/8/12
72 “Uprising of the Two Capitals” 27/7/12
71 “Ramadan Victory in Damascus” 20/7/12
70 “Step Down Annan, Servant of Assad and Iran” 13/7/12
69 “The Peoples’ Freedom War” 6/7/12
68 “We Are Sure Allah will Grant Us Victory” 29/6/12
67 “Governments Let Us Down, Where Are the People?” 22/6/12
66 “Total Readiness for Full Revolution” 15/6/12
65 “Rebels and Merchants Hand in Hand Until Victory” 8/6/12
64 “Houla Children … Victory Flares” 1/6/12
63 “Damascus, Our Date is Near” 25/5/12
62 “The Heroes of Aleppo University” 18/5/12
61 “Victory from Allah and Near Breakthrough” 11/5/12
60 “Our Salvation Is in Our Sincerity” 4/5/12
59 “God’s Order Has Come, So Don’t Hurry It” 27/4/12
58 “We Will Be Victorious and Al-Assad Will Be Defeated” 20/4/12
57 “Revolution for All Syrians” 13/4/12
56 “Who Has Prepared a Soldier has fought” 6/4/12
55 “The Arabs and Muslims have Let Us Down” 30/3/12
54 “Coming to Damascus” 23/3/12
53 “Immediate Military Intervention” 16/3/12
52 “Loyalty to the Kurdish Revolution” 9/3/12
51 “Providing Weapons for the Free Army” 2/3/12
50 “We Will Revolt for You Baba Amr” 24/2/12
49 “The People’s Resistance” 17/2/12
48 “Russia is Killing Our Children” 10/2/12
47 “Sorry Hama, Forgive Us” 3/2/12
46 “The Right of Self-Defense” 27/1/12
45 “Detainees of the Revolution” 20/1/12
44 “Support of the Free Syrian Army” 13/1/12
43 “If You Are with God, He Will Grant You Victory” 6/1/12
42 “Marching Towards Freedom Squares” 30/12/11
41 “the Protocol of Death” 23/12/11
40 “the Arab League is Killing Us 16/12/11
39 “the Strike of Dignity” 9/12/11
38 “the Buffer Zone is Our Demand” 2/12/11
37 “The Free Army Protects Me” 25/11/11
36 “Expulsion of Ambassadors” 18/11/11
35 “Freezing Syrian Regime’s Membership
[in the Arab League] 11/11/11
34 “God is Greater than All Tyrants” 4/11/11
33 “The No-Fly Zone” 28/10/11
32 “The Martyr of Arab Grace Period” 21/10/11
31 “The Free Army” 14/10/11
30 “The National Council Represents Me” 7/10/11
29 “Victory to Syria and Yemen” 30/9/11
28 “The Unity of the Opposition” 23/9/11
27 “Continuing Until Victory” 16/9/11
26 “International Protection” 9/9/11
25 “Death Rather than Humiliation” 2/9/11
24 “Patience and Persistence” 26/8/11
23 “Signs of Victory” 19/8/11
22 “We Will Not Kneel Except to Allah” 12/8/11
21 “God Is with Us” 5/8/11
20 “Your Silence Is Killing Us” 29/7/11
19 “the Descendants of Khalid (ibn Alwalid)” 22/7/11
18 “Prisoners of Freedom” 15/7/11
17 “No to Dialogue” 8/7/11
16 “Leave [Bashar]” 1/7/11
15 “The Fall of Legitimacy” 24/6/11
14 “The Honorable” 17/6/11
13 “The Tribes” 10/6/11
12 “The Children of Freedom” 3/6/11
11 “Homeland Protectors [meaning Assad’s army]” 27/5/11
10 “Azadi [Freedom]” 20/5/11
9 “Friday for Women” 13/5/11
8 “Challenge” 6/5/11
7 “Rage” 29/4/11
6 “Greatness” 22/4/11
5 “Insistence” 15/4/11
4 “Withstand” 8/4/11
3 “Martyrs” 1/4/11
2 “Glory” 25/3/11
1 “Dignity” 18/3/11