Speak4Syria – Syria Awareness Week NYC April 16, 2014

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A panel of Syrian Activists & Journalists discussing health, education, women’s issues, and the plight of refugees within and outside Syria. Moderated by the one and only Mohammed Aly Sergie.

Moderator Mohammed Aly Sergie, former senior editor of Syria Deeply online news outlet, having made several trips inside Syria on his own to give a voice to the people on the ground.

Qusai Zakarya – Survivor of a chemical weapons attack, and inspirational activist from within Syria

Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah – Mayor of Prospect Park, who’s made numerous trips to Syria during the conflict.

Rima Marrouch – research associate for CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa Program. She is a former U.N. reporter for the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat.

Kenan Rahmani – Director of Operations & Development for the Syrian American Council, & prominent US activist.

Q&A Session