ISIS protest in Detroit 08/10/14

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By Jarah Maan

Tens of thousands of ethnic Yezidis are trapped in the barren Sinjar mountain range by ISIS among the stench and rot of decaying bodies in what has been termed, ‘Death Valley’, where an estimated 70% have not survived since the villagers were forced to flee their homes under threat of ISIS; “Convert or face slaughter.”

Today, mostly Christian Iraqis in Metro Detroit call for an end to the death and power hungry caliphate cult, ISIS, that has driven the Yezidis out of their homeland into a treacherous wasteland, and in some cases, into another terror zone where there are additional large ISIS contingencies across the Syrian border.

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Little aid is reaching them via package drops which are dispensed from US aircraft without parachutes, and subsequently explodes upon impact. “Obama has also sent bombs to protect USA’s oil interests under the guise of humanitarian aid…”, one activist who was documenting the events speculated, upset that so many demonstrators were holding signs, “OBAMA STOP ISIS”, and chanting slogans calling for USA to deliver Iraq from ISIS.



Tensions rose briefly between Christian and Muslim protesters as an enormous black flag was raised by a few Christian men in the crowd. Participants tried to fold the flag up and were imploring the group not to display it, “…because it can cause divisions…” they said.
As the flag was positioned towards the crowd, it read in Arabic, “La ‘Noon’ Ila Al ‘Noon'”, meaning “There are no ‘N’azarene except the ‘N’azarene”. As one demonstrator explained, “It means the only humans are the Christians”, as the Arabic letter ‘N’, or ‘noon’ as it is pronounced, has become a symbol of the Arab Christians, or the Nazarenes.


The flag was turned around and displayed the Shahada, the Muslim testimony of faith that reads, “La ilaha ila Allah” or “There is no God but Allah” and the flag was burned to the ground as a gesture towards ISIS, who fronts as a fundamental Islamic group. Loud arguments erupted among the people, as this gesture was grossly offensive to the Muslims who are equally against ISIS.


After some harsh and hostile exchanges, the crowd deescalated the tensions the activity caused. The demonstration ended peacefully after several miles were marched and day turned into evening, as the supermoon lit the path back towards the lot where the demonstration first assembled.



(The flag burning can be seen in the short videos where it was set on fire.)

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