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* The main editor and broadcaster of the channel TVi Vitaly Portnikov expressed his concerns about Russians carrying out ethnic cleansing of Crimean Tatars.

* Mychailo Wynnyckyj: What is Mr #Putin doing in Ukraine – Thoughts from #Kyiv, 2 March 2014:

Protests in the streets of #Turkey today in opposition to War in Ukraine…Turkey is home to many thousands to millions of descendants of the Tatar people who were ethnically cleansed from Crimea during the Stalin Imperialist Soviet Communist era #genocide campaign done to their people in 1944, several hundred thousand Tatars currently live in Crimea since they were allowed to return from exile to their homeland and have been a part of Ukraine since 1991 when the Soviet Regime fell.

* More Information Regarding the Forced Deportation and Genocide of Tatars by the #Soviet military on May 18, 1944:


* Ukraine #Украина Tatar people are going to stay for their rights [UK]:

“#Tatar people of Crimea have declared their readiness to protect Crimea in case of tries to separate Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. This is the answer to some of Crimean deputies, who have suggested asking for Russian protection if ‘the power in Kyiv will be captured by nationalists’.
See Article Here for Additional Information Regarding:
Is Russia Opening a ‘Crimean Front’?

The situation with tatars rights in Ukraine is not perfect, however, they realize: it is much easier to stand for their interests in Ukraine than in Russian colony. The renewed Ukraine can open the new page in the history of Crimean tatar people.”

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* Crimea: Attacks, ‘Disappearances’ by Illegal Forces

Collective statement by experts on Ukrainian nationalism on the role of far right groups in Ukraine’s protest movement, and a warning about the Russian imperialism-serving effects of some supposedly anti-fascist media reports from Kyiv.

* In Crimea, WWII looms large as Russians return, fueling Soviet nostalgia

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* Manifesto: 10 Тheses of the Leftist Opposition in Ukraine

* Crimean “referendum” a grotesque farce

* Serbian Fighters Help ‘Russian Brothers’ in Crimea
A group of Serbian volunteers, self-styled members of the Chetnik movement, has arrived in the Crimean port of Sevastopol on a mission to support the Russian side in the disputed Ukrainian region.

* UKRAINE: Paul Gubariew – a “tribune of the people” in Donetsk, ie neo-Nazis on the side of Putin

* #‎Ukraine‬’s Left Opposition Ліва опозиція statement on political situation and the menace of war; Ukraine will be saved from intervention by solidarity! (in English):

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* Snipers on Maidan: Russian media distorted diplomats’ conversations:

* 2 Russia, 1 Ukraine

* Memorial Human Rights Centre on disturbing parallels between the Crimea and Chechnya
Chechnya Moscow city & Moscow region Victims of conflicts Human rights education Ukraine
Press Release by Memorial Human Rights Centre, Moscow

* Former Head of Mejlis: Russian Policy Toward Crimea – Ethnocide, Genocide and Deportation

*‪#‎Crimea‬: Mustafa Dzhemilev, Human Rights Defender, one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar national movement, Head of Majlis of the Crimean Tatars (in 1991-2013) and the People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: “Only 34.2% Crimeans took part in the pseudo-referendum on March 16″
On March 24, Mustafa Dzemilev on air of Ukrainske Radio said
“Only 34.2% of Crimeans actually took part in the pseudo-referendum on March 16. The Crimean Majlis got hold of the data that was directed to the Russian FSB, where the real picture needs to be known, and not the propaganda one that they are disseminating. And on election day at 12 o’clock they were spreading information about an alleged 60% turnout. In addition, there was no binding to geographic location; you could have voted in one municipality and then go vote at another.”

* Ukraine: Activists Detained and Beaten, One Tortured

* “Serhiy Leshchenko reports on members of Yanukovych’s circle quietly returning to power…. A quick translation.
March 23, 2013
Over the past few weeks I’ve received many messages about the return of mid-level cadres of Yanukovych. It is happening without much attention because society is occupied with the Crimean conflict, and appointments to secondary offices have always taken place without much public attention. Here’s an example of what I’ve heard in the last few days.
UkrAvtoDor – one of the traditional “feeders” of the government, it is responsible for the awful roads in Ukraine and the budget for highway repairs. According to how things are being divied up, the Ministry of Transportation and UkrAvtoDor are part of Arseniy Yatseniuk’s quota. The Ministry is headed by a personal friend of Yatseniuk, Deputy Maxim Bourbaki, and Alexander Malin was named head of UkrAvtoDor. Malin has initiated the appointment of Volodymyr Halushko as deputy minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Halushko was from 2010 to 2013 deputy head of UkrAvtoDor. Halushko is in fact one of the closest associates of Yanukovych associate Volodymyr Demishkan, who belonged to the notorious hunting club “Cedar” that leased 30,000 hectares of the hunting zone Sukholuchye registered at Mezhyhirya. From 2010, Halushko was deputy for financial issues to Demishkan , including for the grand “cut” during Euro 2012 soccer tournament. Prior to that, from 2008 to 2010, Halushko was the assistant to a parliamentary deputy – the same Demishkan.
Now he is returning to power.
In addition, the new government has appointed a head of the state company “Motor Roads of Ukraine,” which controls production facilities for UkrAvtoDor. The post went to Orest Pronyk, the son of yet another Demishkan person, Yuri Pronyk. Under Yanukovych , Pronyk Jr. led the state enterprise “KyyivDorUpr” and his father under Yanukovych was the head of the state road services for Rivne region. Now the son has received a promotion, while his father seems to have remained at his old post.
There are many such cases. Did you know, for example, that the Prosecutor’s office for Kyiv is still headed by Dmytro Lupeko, a close friend of Pshonka and in-law of Medved? Is it possible that the new government in a month could not find a person for this post in the prosecutor’s office of the capital?
I urge citizens to report on the appointment or retention of odious figures of a bygone era in positions, which journalists simply do not have time to track.

* No safe haven in Crimea for journalists

* this piece describes the low ratio of participants of RS [Right Sector] at the barricades in those last weeks in Kyiv:
Andreas Umland: Right Sector

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* Why eastern Ukraine will not follow Crimea to Moscow

* Oleg Orlov’s speech at the anti-war rally on 15 March: “Twenty years in a state of war”/ Олег Орлов: “Двадцать лет в состоянии войны”

* Russian troops storm Crimea airbase
Soldiers take control of Ukrainian air base in Belbek, as Novofedorovka naval base is seized by pro-Russian activists.

* Rada Declares Crimean Tatars Indigenous People Of Crimea

* A Hromadske TV journalist explains why ‘Svoboda’ beat up Panteleymonov at NTCU

* ‪#‎Crimea‬: Rafat Chubarov, the leader of Crimean Tatars, about guaranties from “polite” armed men to his nation at their land -English subtitles:

* Ukraine’s breakaway region of Crimea will ask Tatars to vacate part of the land where they now live in exchange for new territory elsewhere in the region, a top Crimean government official has said.
Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliyev said Tuesday that the new government in Crimea, where residents voted Sunday to become part of Russia, wants to regularize the land unofficially taken over by Crimean Tatar squatters following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
“We have asked the Crimean Tatars to vacate part of their land, which is required for social needs,” Temirgaliyev said. “But we are ready to allocate and legalize many other plots of land to ensure a normal life for the Crimean Tatars,” he said.

* ordinary fascism. Crimean parliament facade: the Crimean-Tatar language name is being knocked down, the Ukrainian was already knocked down. – It is after Putin’s promise of 3 state languages in the Crimea – RU, UA, Cr-Tat.

* Ukraine: Events Chronicle 2010-2014:
There have been many questions as to what led to massive protests in Ukraine, escalation of the conflict and eventual bloodshed followed by the appointment of the new interim government and the increased presence of the Russian military in southern Ukraine. The timeline below may be instrumental in helping you make up your own mind as to what happened and why.

* Memorial Human Rights Centre on disturbing parallels between the Crimea and Chechnya [Press Release by Memorial Human Rights Centre, Moscow]:

* Dictator’s Handbook: Six Regrettable Lessons To Take Away From Crimea Crisis

* Artists support Ukraine. The international cultural initiative to support Ukraine facing Russian military aggression has been launched in Kyiv, Ukraine. Artists Support Ukraine is a cultural initiative aimed at turning the attention of international public towards the current situation in Ukraine. After a series of pro-democratic protests, the country found itself facing aggression from Russia, including abrupt occupation of Crimean peninsula, inadequate and biased ideological media-coverage, and straightforward violence. The online platform Artists Support Ukraine ( is created to unite the global cultural community in order to show its consent with the people of Ukraine.

* Budapest Memorandum and CounterPunch corruption

* Moscow anti-war march says no to Russian imperialism

* Ukranians and Syrians protest at the Russian embassy

* Portrait of a pro-Russian activist, a fighter against the Nazis-Banderites, Anatoly Ermakov of Kharkiv, he was wounded …The Kremlin forget to mention he’s a neo nazi

* Pro-Russian Goons Storm Donetsk Government Office in Ukraine – Demand Release of Neo-Nazi Leader

* The Ukrainian Front: Neo Soviets & Neo Nazis

* Ukrainian serviceman killed in Crimea
Attack comes as Vladimir Putin signs treaty making Crimea part of Russia again and gives defiant speech to parliament.

* 15 марта в Москве прошел многотысячный Марш мира. Свое отношение к имперской агрессии России в отношении соседней страны выразили и анархисты из “Автономного Действия” и других либертарных организаций и движений.
15 March in Moscow thousands March for peace. His attitude towards the Imperial Russian aggression against neighbouring countries expressed and anarchists of the autonomous action “and other libertarian organizations and movements.

* National Anthem of Ukraine translated into English

* Ukrainian Сrisis Media Center

Putin’s Cynical Propaganda in Swiss Media

As an ex KGB agent Putin knows too well that to be credible, any piece of information needs to be confirmed in at least two unconnected sources. So what does he do when the world stops believing the Kremlin’s blatant lies about Ukraine? That’s right, he spreads them through “unconnected” Western media outlets.
On March 1, a Swiss-based internet TV provider Klagemauer.TV aired a special video report on Ukraine titled “Terrorist actions of peaceful protesters”. The principal message of the 13-minute video: “During Euromaidan protests in Kiev [sic Kyiv] peaceful policemen were regularly brutally beaten and shot at by extremist armed radicals”. The heroic police, in other words, was the innocent victim of the ruthless terrorists.
To anyone with at least a superficial knowledge of the real facts this report is nothing but a primitive, blatant and immoral lie. It is a cynical manipulation of facts, carbon-copied from the Russian propaganda. It is beyond criticism. It is below ethics and morality.
Hundreds of eyewitnesses’ videos, openly available on YouTube, aptly demonstrate the inhumane attacks of those “peaceful” policemen on protesters in Kyiv. None of these blood-chilling footages can be seen in Klagemauer’s report.
Yet propaganda, no matter how brutal, always has a way of finding its viewer. The German version of Klagemauer’s video has already been viewed on YouTube by almost 200,000 viewers; its Russian dubbed version – by 653,000.
Putin is happy: the seed of suspicion successfully planted in the European minds; his credibility firmly corroborated in the Russian ones (“See, I’m not making things up – European media also saw terrorists in Ukraine!”).
The Kremlin, thanks to its unscrupulous Western media allies, claims another victory in its all-out information war on Ukraine.
For information please contact the center hotline by phone +38(050) 1578159, +38(050) 1578423, or email:

* Bosnian anarchists give a shout out to Ukrainian revolutionary and against Russian aggression
From Bosnia to Ukraine

* —Thanks For Being So Cool About Everything—
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