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* Student Assembly in Kiev (in Russian):


* Clans are marching. Russia’s ruling class is made up of a complex system of clans, constantly grouping and regrouping around their leader Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Pribylovsky explains who’s who in today’s Russia.

* Russia today anchor resigns over Ukraine lies

* Russian socialist on Euromaidan – an excellent summary of who the cetniks are and their massacre of Muslims.

* #Russia #Россия #Moscow #Москве On Saturday 03/15/14 in the Center of Moscow there was a “March for Peace and Freedom” #МаршМира -an Anti War March #НетВойне #NoWar along the Central Boulevards. The protest today was against Russian aggression in Ukraine, forcing hatred and against the closing of free media. According to correspondents from Grani.Ru between 30 to 50 thousand people took part in the action.

* “March of Peace and Freedom” in Moscow brought together tens of thousands of participants. March 15, 2014, Video by Dmitry Zykov of Grani.Ru / “Марш мира и свободы” в Москве собрал несколько десятков тысяч участников. 15 марта 2014, видео Дмитрия Зыкова:

* Article Details-Chronicle/Photos MARCH FOR PEACE. Chronicle / МАРШ МИРА. Хроника [RU – Link for residents in countries without censorship / Ссылка для жителей стран без цензуры]:
[RU] – Link for residents of Russia / Ссылка для жителей России:

* Overview of ‪#‎fascism‬ as an ideology and comparing the processes that happen in ‪#‎Russia‬ with the main features of fascism. Explaining how #fascism has become a new Russian ideology:
Original article [RU]:

* Anarchists from Petrozavodsk, Russia were kidnapped and seriously injured by unknown people in masks. “Against the war in Ukraine”.

Russian Opposition Coordination Council member, anti-fascist and current hostage political prisoner in the Bolotnaya ‘Swamp’ Case, Alexey Gaskarov, describes why participation in the up coming anti-fascist rally in memory of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova scheduled for 19 january: is important and urgent to attend.

* here a great article from Opposition member, Paul Schectman, where he describe the symbolism of the St George Ribbon as being one similar to the swastika held by what many in western world view as a symbol for “neo nazi” fascists, in russia- he saying, racist neo nazi nationalists also idolize the symbol of St George…

Fascism with St. George’s ribbon:
“They have privatized factories, newspapers, steamships; they have privatized the Kremlin and Red Square, they have privatized the state itself – the KGB, explicitly did not stop there and engaged in the privatization of the spiritual sphere. They are privatizing war, victory that our grandfathers fought for (my grandfather has been privatized) finally anti-fascism – and thus fascism. In the sense that they now define who is a fascist and who is not a fascist.
Ribbon of Saint George – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

* Top 5 Myths About Russia’s Invasion of Crimea:

* Funeral of Russian Democracy 18.07.2013:

* In Response to Putin’s Nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize: The Effects of Russian Weapons On Syrian Civilians

* RT’s Manuel Ochsenreiter. The neo-Nazi representing Germany on Russian TV News.

* Russian troops storm Crimea airbase
Soldiers take control of Ukrainian air base in Belbek, as Novofedorovka naval base is seized by pro-Russian activists.

* Oleg Orlov’s speech at the anti-war rally on 15 March: “Twenty years in a state of war”/ Олег Орлов: “Двадцать лет в состоянии войны”

* Anton Shekhovtsov: Fascism, “borderless as our lands, and red as our blood”

* Thanks For Being So Cool About Everything
By Vladimir Putin,35584/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

* Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot’s prison letters to Slavoj Žižek

* Memorial Human Rights Centre on disturbing parallels between the Crimea and Chechnya [Press Release by Memorial Human Rights Centre, Moscow]:

* Dictator’s Handbook: Six Regrettable Lessons To Take Away From Crimea Crisis

* Budapest Memorandum and CounterPunch corruption

* Moscow anti-war march says no to Russian imperialism

* Ukranians and Syrians protest at the Russian embassy

* Portrait of a pro-Russian activist, a fighter against the Nazis-Banderites, Anatoly Ermakov of Kharkiv, he was wounded …The Kremlin forget to mention he’s a neo nazi

* Pro-Russian Goons Storm Donetsk Government Office in Ukraine – Demand Release of Neo-Nazi Leader

* The Ukrainian Front: Neo Soviets & Neo Nazis


* #Russia Blocks Four Opposition Media Portals:

* Update: Russia Blocks Fifth Liberal Website
In addition to,,, and Alexey Navalny’s LiveJournal blog [Global Voices report], today some ISPs also blocked the website of the liberal radio station Echo Moskvy (Moscow’s Echo). According to, the website was blocked at the behest of the Attorney General’s office because it contains a mirror of Alexey Navalny’s blog at Echo Moskvy Deputy Editor-in-Chief Vladimir Varfolomeev tweeted that at least one ISP is working on resolving the problem:

* Russia Wipes Opposition Sites From The Internet

* With Sunday’s referendum in Crimea, Russian troops massed for “exercises” on Ukraine’s eastern border, clashes between pro and anti “Maidan” protesters in Donetsk, Ukraine and anti-Western rhetoric more vicious than I can remember, critics of these alarming events will have almost no platform in Russia to be heard.

* CPJ condemns blocking of news websites in Russia
The Committee to Protect Journalists is alarmed by the blocking today of independent and pro-opposition news websites in Russia:

* Russia: Halt Orders to Block Online Media


*Alexander Podrabinek…The Revival of Serfdom in Russia.
«Регистрация» в России: возрождение крепостного права

* The Russian Constitution 20 years on: Continuing erosion of rights and freedoms:

* Open Letters and Voices from members of the Russian Opposition to Ukraine Opposition Detailing Support and Solidarity:


* Video on December 5, 2013, by Dmitry Zykov of Grani.Ru “The Demonstrators Blocked a Police Car”:
Article Details [RU] and Additional Videos from past actions in 2011 “Against False Elections” and 2012 “Point of No Return”:


*Russia, Moscow: Hundreds of police prevented the deployment of banner that read “Honor the Constitution, like your mother!” in Pushkin Square [Video “Police break up a rally in support of the Constitution” by Dmitry Zykov of Grani.Ru December 12, 2013]

* Participants of the action in honor of Constitution Day were detained in Pushkin Square:
Photos/Article Details [RU]


* Here is a list of Russian “foreign agents” active in the territory of the United States (source

* Russia: Taking Internet filtering to the next level
#Россия: принимает интернет-фильтрации на следующий уровень
[RU] русский:

* MAXIM BEING CHOKED by police during his arrest:


*#Russia #Россия #Moscow #Москве Christmas Cards for Political Prisoners’: In Moscow, a Protest Campaign Event ‘New Year Cards’” December 22, 2013.
Video by Dmitry Zykov of Grani.Ru:

* Article Details/Photos/Video [RU]
[EN ]-Highlight Translation:
Christmas Mail from RosUznik
22 December Event of the Day – The action ‘New Year Cards’ organized by РосУзник was done at Lermontov Square near Krasnye Vorota desks, next to the statue of Lermontov. There was a tent set up for the writing and receipt of New Year Greetings cards to the #6Мая #Bolotnaya Case detainees of the Opposition. The best of them were read out loud over a live microphone besides the statue of the poet Lermontov, the speakers were mostly figures from the literary world, poets, writers and journalists. A special appearance and support of their fellow comrades came from the Bolotnaya detainees that had just received amnesty, Vladimir Akimenkov, Nikolay Kavkazsky and Leonid Kovyazin.

* Several being tried in connection with the 2012 Bolotnaya Square protest remain behind bars:

* Amnesty International released a statement today regarding Russia’s POC:

* Garry Kasparov declares that though he will refrain from returning to Russia for the time being, he will not give up his fight to oust Putin or his hopes for a democratic future for his country.

* #Russia #Moscow #Triumphal_Square At the monthly Rally “Strategy 31” police have beaten detainees. On Triumphal Square in Moscow, police detained more than 20 participants of the #Strategy_31 action. Among them, activists from the “Other Russia” and the Left Front. The police attacked the activists and journalists and harsh tactics used to detain: [Photos/Text Summary [RU @Grani.Ru]:…/Russia/activism/strategy31/m.223062.html
Applicant and organizer of the rally, Eduard Limonov, this time was not detained on the way to the Triumphal Arch. In front of the Mayakovsky Monument, He was able to begin his speech.

Civil society activist, Ildar Dadin, reports on Facebook that he was detained at the Arch without explanation and beaten in one of the paddy wagons. “For what? I asked police to produce documents and badges and sought to rewrite their badge numbers, I was pushed into a police bus and beaten. I was hit in the back of the head, face, choked by my neck and held done with police knee and elbow pressing in the back of my spine, until the severe pain and my breathing shortened”- writes Dadin. Beaten also was civic activists, Nadir Fatov and Jurij Chaldaev. Fatov had smashed glasses and he was beaten in the kidneys and choked by the throat. Chaldaeva has a suspected rib fracture.” Photos from the Facebook of Ildar Dadin:

* This December 2013 year end report from….Year of the Political prisoner…is an in depth report on who the Political Prisoners in Russia are and what has happened to them:

* archived writings by Alexandr Podrbinek in English, he is a well known opposition writer in Russia, he is good at explaining the issues surrounding repression in Russia and also information re opposition:…