Is Fascism returning to Europe? A public discussion in NY on March 12th 2014

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“Leading up to the International Day Against Fascism, March 22nd, we would like to invite you to a public discussion. Speakers will share information and open the discussion about the rise of xenophobia and racism in Europe, the militarization of the state and the rise of fascism.”


What is Fascism?
Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism:

On Fascism:

Two Ways of Looking at Fascism:



Intro / chair: Iannis Delatolas


1)”The Politics of Hatred: Homophobia and the rise of fascism in Russia and Beyond”
Benedetta Argentieri

Overview of ‪#‎fascism‬ as an ideology and comparing the processes that happen in ‪#‎Russia‬ with the main features of fascism. Explaining how #fascism has become a new Russian ideology:
Original article [RU]:
Russian Opposition Coordination Council member, anti-fascist and current hostage political prisoner in the Bolotnaya ‘Swamp’ Case, Alexey Gaskarov, describes why participation in the up coming anti-fascist rally in memory of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova scheduled for 19 january: is important and urgent to attend.

A great article from Opposition member, Paul Schectman, where he describe the symbolism of the St George Ribbon as being one similar to the swastika held by what many in western world view as a symbol for “neo nazi” fascists, in russia- he saying, racist neo nazi nationalists also idolize the symbol of St George…

Fascism with St. George’s ribbon:
“They have privatized factories, newspapers, steamships; they have privatized the Kremlin and Red Square, they have privatized the state itself – the KGB, explicitly did not stop there and engaged in the privatization of the spiritual sphere. They are privatizing war, victory that our grandfathers fought for (my grandfather has been privatized) finally anti-fascism – and thus fascism. In the sense that they now define who is a fascist and who is not a fascist.
Ribbon of Saint George – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Funeral of Russian Democracy 18.07.2013

Russia Wipes Opposition Sites From The Internet

Garry Kasparov declares that though he will refrain from returning to Russia for the time being, he will not give up his fight to oust Putin or his hopes for a democratic future for his country.

archived writings by Alexandr Podrbinek in English, he is a well known opposition writer in Russia, he is good at explaining the issues surrounding repression in Russia and also information re opposition:…

2)”1980 to Gezi Resistance / Military Dictatorship, Neoliberalism and Authoritarianism”
Eylem Delikanli

3) “Between East and West: Ukraine and the return of the national question”
James Robertson

“Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine” by Timothy Snyder

Collective statement by experts on Ukrainian nationalism on the role of far right groups in Ukraine’s protest movement, and a warning about the Russian imperialism-serving effects of some supposedly anti-fascist media reports from Kyiv.

Kiev’s protesters: Ukraine uprising was no neo-Nazi power-grab

Left Opposition: Ukraine will be saved from intervention by solidarity

Manifesto: 10 Тheses of the Leftist Opposition in Ukraine

UKRAINE: Paul Gubariew – a “tribune of the people” in Donetsk, ie neo-Nazis on the side of Putin

#‎Ukraine‬’s Left Opposition Ліва опозиція statement on political situation and the menace of war; Ukraine will be saved from intervention by solidarity! (in English):

Memorial Human Rights Centre on disturbing parallels between the Crimea and Chechnya
Chechnya Moscow city & Moscow region Victims of conflicts Human rights education Ukraine
Press Release by Memorial Human Rights Centre, Moscow

Former Head of Mejlis: Russian Policy Toward Crimea – Ethnocide, Genocide and Deportation

4) “Europe, Greece and the Return of Fascism: Some Implications of the Current Crisis”
Costas Panayotakis


5) “The European Radical Right Between Mobilization and Electoral Populism”Jonah Birch

6) “Fighting the EDL and Fascism in Britain”
Matt Dobson

Q&A Session:

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SYRIA: Who are Assad’s fascist supporters?

List of neo-Nazi organizations: